How Much Do Coaches In The NBA Make?

doc rivers nba coach

Only 30 people in the world can call themselves NBA head coaches. That means being the architect of some incredible runs, like that of the 2020-21 Atlanta Hawks or the 2019-20 Miami Heat. However, that also means being the scapegoat when the team falls short of (sometimes unrealistic) expectations. This is especially true in the …

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How Much Do NBA Referees Make?

nba referees officiating a match

Steph Curry, the highest-paid player in the 2020-21 season, earned a whopping $45,780,966. Gregg Popovich, the highest-paid NBA coach, earned about $11 million in that same time period. Both players and head coaches are instrumental to determining the outcome of an NBA game and they’re well-compensated for it. But what about the third group of …

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What Is Traveling in Basketball?

The traveling violation explained cover image

Yes, basketball can take you around the world, but when we speak of traveling in basketball we are usually talking about the rule that many seem to have forgotten. It’s one of the most basic rules of the game. Players learn it from the very beginning along with the game’s fundamentals. So, what is traveling …

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How Many Players Are On A Basketball Team?

Traditional basketball rules established by FIBA dictate that each team consists of 12 players, with 5 players being in play on the court at any time, and the rest on the bench available for substitution. This rule is adopted by the Olympics and most basketball leagues around the globe. The NBA Plays By Its Own …

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Ranking The 5 Biggest Fights In NBA History

The NBA used to be a much wilder league that it is today. The modern NBA pays close attention to its public image and it does its best to maintain a family-friendly reputation. This is hardly surprising given that the history of the league is full of PR disasters such as the cocaine era and, …

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Ask HOOPSBEAST: How Tall Do You Have To Be To Dunk?

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In this week’s user submitted question, we’ll be answering the question: How tall do you have to be to dunk a basketball on a 10 foot rim? A lot of basketball players dream of being able to dunk, but are under the false impression that dunking is a skill limited to only the tallest of …

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What Is A Triple-Double In Basketball?

A triple-double is one of the most impressive feats that a player can accomplish on the court in a single game. If you follow NBA basketball at all, you’ve probably heard the term “triple-double“ being thrown around. If you happen to not know what the term represents, we’re going to be explaining that today. And …

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