The Best Former Duke Players In NBA History

The Duke Blue Devils are by far one of the most polarizing teams in college basketball. You’ll have a hard time finding someone who is neutral towards them, you either love them or you have them.  Regardless of how you feel about them, no one can deny that they’ve had a lot of success with …

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What Is The Hand-Checking Rule And How Did It Change The NBA?

You’ve probably witnessed at least one discussion about how basketball used to be tougher ‘back in the day’. The fact hand-checking was allowed often forms part of their argument. Full disclosure, I love the exciting nature of the modern game but I do believe it is a bit too soft in some aspects. However, I’m …

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Basketball Sizes: A Guide For Kids And Adults

Making sure players use the appropriately sized basketball for their age and gender is incredibly important but often overlooked. While it might be tempting to fast-track youth players to use a full-sized basketball, a basketball that is too big and heavy can make ball handling difficult and even develop poor habits—like flinging the ball, instead …

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Muggsy Bogues: Could The NBA’s Shortest Ever Player Dunk?

December 4th 1990. The day that the 5-foot-3-inch Tyrone “Muggsy” Bogues dunked. Or did he? There are more than a few sources out there that claim Muggsy Bogues dunked during a pregame warm-up session on this day, but without video evidence, it is difficult to confirm. However, here’s what we do know. First, with a …

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Great Places To Practice Basketball

slam dunk

Although you don’t technically need a ball and hoop to develop your jumping ability, you should always complement your physical workouts with some ball-time. This article covers all the places you can play ball and keep your ball handling skills up to scratch.

Are Your Sneakers A Limiting Factor?

APL Basketball Shoes

We have all heard the various claims made by the many international footwear companies that their brand of basketball shoes will make you run faster, jump higher and play better, but how much actual truth is there in these claims?