How Does The NBA Draft Lottery Work? Full Walkthrough

an nba draft lottery taking place

Your favorite NBA team just had a horrible season. The roster doesn’t look like it will be competitive any time soon and all that’s left is to pray that the fourteen ping-pong balls of the draft lottery are going to give your team the chance to select the next generational talent.  Some teams have lost …

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What is the Meaning of Iso In Basketball?

isolation play situation in basketball

Watching a basketball game can lead to seeing a lot of different plays. While different teams have different offensive styles, there are two plays that you’re going to see no matter the team you’re watching. The pick and roll and the iso. Pick and roll is one of those “easy to learn, hard to master” …

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How much do NBA players make?

nba player with money

It’s no secret that NBA player salaries are impressive. In fact, they’re among the highest-paid professional athletes on the planet. Top earners make more in one year than most people make in their entire life. But the basketball players on max contracts are heavily outnumbered by the rest of the pack. Today, we’ll be looking …

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Biggest Blowouts In NBA History

basketball fans reacting to blowout game

There’s nothing more exciting for basketball fans than a close game that goes down to the wire. If that happens in a Game 7, it’s a dream come true for most hoops junkies. Then there’s the other kind of game. The exact opposite of a nail biter, a full-on blowout. Whenever these things happen, many …

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What Is A Two Way Contract In The NBA?

allonzo trier playing for the knicks

You may have heard the term “two-way contract” thrown around in the last couple of seasons. It was a big deal when it was first introduced, but many NBA fans still don’t fully understand how these contracts work. That’s what we’re going to cover today. What Is A Two-Way Contract? In the simplest possible terms, …

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An Overview of the 4 NBA Teams In California

golden gate bridge san francisco california at night

With only 30 franchises in the NBA, there’s simply not enough to place one in every state. When you take into consideration that California alone has four teams (more than any other state), there’s even less to go around. To put that into perspective, Texas is the only state that comes close with three NBA …

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