What Is A Loose Ball Foul In Basketball?

what is a loose ball foul

You’ve been running up and down the court for a few possessions; the game has started to get physical and a little chippy. You’re tired, but as you make your way back on defense, a teammate manages to swipe the ball from your opponent; the ball is loose! With your eyes set on the loose …

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The 9 Greatest Basketball Anime Series Of All Time

ranking the best basketball anime

Are you tired of watching boring, actual basketball? Are you sick of Stephen Curry sinking 30-foot bombs and want to instead watch a guy spin around just to make a single pass? Do you want to watch three episodes worth of content for a single shot? In that case, basketball anime is for you! Basketball …

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How To Play 21 In Basketball

21 basketball game

So you want to learn how to play 21 in basketball? All you’ll need is a ball, one half of a basketball court, and a minimum of 3 players. Most times, 21 is a suggested streetball game if there are not the right number of players to play 3-on-3 (3×3 basketball) or 2-on-2 basketball. So …

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At What Age Do NBA Players Retire On Average? Is It Really 28?

basketball career end

Father Time is undefeated. Eventually, your favorite player will retire from professional basketball.  Yes, even LeBron James, who’s been waging an eternal war against old age, will retire. It’s just the reality of the NBA: when you’re old, you’re not useful as a professional basketball player anymore. It’s why no NBA player has ever stepped …

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How Many NBA Players Are There? Total Players By Year

hundreds of players

The NBA might have an unhealthy obsession with its larger-than-life superstars and individual talent, but it’s still a team sport by every definition. And the pinnacle of professional basketball would indeed be dull and monotonous if it wasn’t for the depth and variety of players you see across the league. While basketball is the biggest …

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Player With The Biggest Hands The NBA Has Ever Seen

biggest hands in nba cover

When looking at the physical attributes of some of the biggest names in NBA history, it can truly be a sight to behold. Whether you’re in awe at the mere size of 7’6” Tacko Fall or marveling at the 48-inch vertical of the great Michael Jordan, there’s no questioning the natural physical advantages of some …

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What Is A Heat Check In Basketball?

nba heat check

The unapologetic heat check — basketball’s greatest feeling There’s nothing better than feeling like every shot you throw up will go in. The rim feels like it’s the size of the ocean, you can’t miss, and there’s nothing your defender can do to stop you from scoring.  You’re heating up and shot after shot falls. …

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List Of NBA Teams — All 30 Teams

basketball locker room

The National Basketball Association (NBA) is the world’s premier men’s basketball league. It is composed of 30 teams — 29 in the United States and 1 in Canada. Here is the full NBA teams list. Full List of NBA Teams — sorted by alphabetical order Atlanta Hawks Boston Celtics Brooklyn Nets Charlotte Hornets Chicago Bulls …

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How Does The NBA Draft Lottery Work? Full Walkthrough

an nba draft lottery taking place

Your favorite NBA team just had a horrible season. The roster doesn’t look like it will be competitive any time soon and all that’s left is to pray that the fourteen ping-pong balls of the draft lottery are going to give your team the chance to select the next generational talent.  Some teams have lost …

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