What started out as a hobby project, the HOOPSBEAST blog now reaches over 1,000 readers a day

My interest in basketball started when I got my hands on my first (mini-sized) basketball, and to this day I follow the game closely. I’m a lifelong 76ers fan, but I’ll watch just about any game if I can.

In 2015, I started this blog just around the same time I got serious about playing basketball to push myself to be more deeply involved with the sport.

Be it research into the salaries of NBA players or a personal ranking of my favorite basketball anime, I’ve enjoyed putting aside time to grow the blog and share my thoughts and findings with readers.

Today, HOOPSBEAST is visited by more people than I ever thought possible and has even been mentioned in major publications.

I’m incredibly thankful for the attention the blog has gotten and look forward to keeping the project going forward! Thanks for visiting!

– Max Kesler