Molten GG7X Indoor Basketball Review

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Molten is a Japanese sports equipment manufacturer who have become the official ball supplier of all FIBA competitions, including the Olympic Games. Their basketballs all have the same iconic, unique 12-panel Giugario design which makes them stand out from all the rather boring orange balls you see everywhere else. Like Spalding, who are known for …

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The Rock Indoor Basketball Review

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The Rock is an indoor basketball that isn’t made by one of the major sporting brands like Nike, Spalding or Wilson, but instead made from a relatively small brand known as Anaconda Sports. It has gained a cult following among many basketball players who swear it is one of the best indoor basketballs around. At …

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Molten X-Series GM7X Indoor/Outdoor Basketball Review

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Molten are a Japanese sports equipment company who often supply basketballs, handballs and volleyballs used at the highest level of competition. In basketball, they are the official supplier of balls used in FIBA competition, including the Olympic games. Their unique ball design is unmissable, and the GM7X is the indoor/outdoor composite leather version that balances …

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Chance Premium Composite Leather Basketball Review

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With almost all the basketballs on the market coming from well-established brands like Spalding, Wilson and Nike, it’s uncommon to see one coming from a company as young as Chance. Their brand tries to differentiate itself from major sporting brands by being different, and that is perfectly evident in their unique ball designs. Design A …

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