The Rock Indoor Basketball Review

By Max Kesler

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The Rock is an indoor basketball that isn’t made by one of the major sporting brands like Nike, Spalding or Wilson, but instead made from a relatively small brand known as Anaconda Sports. It has gained a cult following among many basketball players who swear it is one of the best indoor basketballs around.

At its inception, it was priced competitively, undercutting the bestselling indoor composite leather basketballs such as the Spalding TF-1000 and Wilson Evolution. Today, however, it is priced as a premium product, no doubt owing to the big success it has enjoyed over the years.

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C2C, short for ‘Core to Cover’ is the technology that Anaconda Sports are proud to boast. Apparently, this means the composite cover is reinforced, while the sponger rubber carcass (core) is superior to some of the more commonly seen foam ones. I’m not exactly sure how much different the manufacturing that goes into The Rock is, but nevertheless this is what the big C2C text on the basketball is about. 


The Grip on The Rock is excellent and the cover feels super tacky. I would say it feels slightly more leathery, and a tad less grippy than the Wilson Evolution. If you are one of those people that find the Wilson Evolution to have a little too much grip, The Rock might very well be your perfect basketball.

While I haven’t tested it extensively, The Rock is also widely considered to be one of the more durable indoor balls out there. That doesn’t mean it will handle outdoor surfaces well, but you can expect to get a decent amount of use out of it on wooden courts. Thanks to its reinforced double ply butyl bladder, it has superb air retention.

Channel Design

The channels are quite unique on The Rock. Like the Wilson Evolution, The Rock features pebbled channels which serves two purposes. First, it makes the channels grippier than the more commonly seen smooth channels. Second, it gives the channels additional moisture-wicking properties. I’m definitely a fan of basketballs with pebbled channels, so this gets a big thumbs up from me. 

Another point on the channels is that they’re noticeably deeper than most other indoor basketballs. As for the width, they are somewhere around the middle. If you get the chance, I’d suggest trying to get a feel for the deeper channels and decide on whether you like them or not. 


The bounce is usually not an issue among pricier indoor basketballs, and it certainly isn’t an issue with an NFHS approved basketball like The Rock. The ball bounces it in the way you’d expect it to, and the bounce doesn’t feel flat or excessive. 


Overall The Rock is a fantastic indoor basketball that manages to stand out from the crowd thanks to a name that speaks to fans of basketball. It’s a little bit expensive, but if you are a fan of deep pebbled channels, and want a slightly more leathery feel than grippier balls like the Wilson Evolution or Baden Elite, then it’s definitely worth your consideration.

Rating: 4/5

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Written by Max Kesler

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