Molten GG7X Indoor Basketball Review

By Max Kesler

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Molten is a Japanese sports equipment manufacturer who have become the official ball supplier of all FIBA competitions, including the Olympic Games. Their basketballs all have the same iconic, unique 12-panel Giugario design which makes them stand out from all the rather boring orange balls you see everywhere else.

Like Spalding, who are known for supplying the Genuine Leather Official NBA Game Balls, Molten also focuses on the genuine leather balls they make for the FIBA competitions. The GG7X is their composite leather basketball, but it still performs excellently and is a worthy alternative to the likes of the popular Wilson Evolution or Baden Elite which our among our favorite indoor basketballs.

Molten BGG7X Composite Basketball, Orange/Tan, Official Size 7
  • FIBA Approved
  • Premium Composite Leather Cover
  • Butyl Bladder
  • Indoor Use
  • 2- Year Warranty

Consistent Touch Pebbling

The first thing to discuss is the incredibly interesting pebbling of the GG7X. The pebbling across the cover has something called ‘consistent touch’, which means the pebbles are perfectly aligned as opposed to the random pebbling we see anywhere else. Technically, this should only result in a tiny difference, but it seems rather fitting for a Japanese ball manufacturer to design the pebbling with such precision. 


The resulting grip is very impressive. Even though the Wilson Evolution feels softer, overall I found the GG7X grippier and easier to palm. It has a unique, rubbery kind of grip that feels different to other indoor basketballs I have played with. Despite the grip being so good, when moisture kicks in it feels a little slippery. If you have particularly sweaty hands, you might find it becomes significantly harder to grip than when it is relatively dry. 

GIUGIARO design 

The signature design of the basketball is a big part of the GG7X. Whether you like the 12 panel design or not, it’s nice to see a major competition basketball straying from the standard 8 panel design. Because it has more of them, if you like making contact with channels (a lot of people do), then you’ll probably like Molten’s X-series basketballs.

Another nice thing about the design is the two-tone coloring. Looking like an ‘X’ from the side, the balls spin is very clear when it flies through the air. This actually makes it quite nice in training, where you might want to see the amount of rotation during your shots.


The bounce on the basketball is very consistent. It had ever so slightly more bounce than the Wilson Evolution at 8 psi, but the difference was negligible. It’s premium butyl bladder retains air well and there were no issues with leaky valves or what not. 


Unfortunately, the durability of the GG7X seems a little worse than most other comparably priced indoor basketballs. The pebbling seems to wear down quicker than other balls, meaning after prolonged use it is no longer the grip monster it originally was. 


Overall the Molten GG7X is a high quality and quite distinct indoor composite leather ball on the market. Being a non-American manufacturer, you don’t see the GG7X used much in high school or college games in the USA. It is, however, very popular outside the US. As such, Americans will enjoy getting their hands on an iconic ball that features the same design as the Official Olympic Game Ball. 

Rating: 3.5/5

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Written by Max Kesler

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