Chance Premium Composite Leather Basketball Review

By Max Kesler


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With almost all the basketballs on the market coming from well-established brands like Spalding, Wilson and Nike, it’s uncommon to see one coming from a company as young as Chance. Their brand tries to differentiate itself from major sporting brands by being different, and that is perfectly evident in their unique ball designs.


A lot of cheaper rubber basketballs come with quirky designs, but in the higher end composite leather basketball market, interesting designs are harder to come by. The Chance basketball is available in a range of different designs, all of which look pretty fantastic when played inside or outside. It will definitely turn heads if brought to your next pick up game.


With full pebbling, the ball has a good amount of grip. It also has that spongy feeling you get with composite leather basketballs, but doesn’t feel quite as spongy as foam backed balls like the Spalding Zi/O.  

Overall the ball provides a good amount of grip, but comes short compared to our favorite indoor/outdoor balls like the NCAA Replica Game Basketball or Spalding Zi/O, despite being a more expensive basketball. A newer brand like Chance may not quite have the same manufacturing pedigree that larger sporting brands possess.


The ball’s bounce did not feel too flat or too bouncy, and felt good overall. The standard 8-panel design also had a consistent bounce, meaning the ball ends up just where you’d expect after each and every bounce.


While the basketball cover doesn’t feel as soft as some of the other composite leather balls out there, it also didn’t seem to be any more durable against rougher surfaces. After 2 weeks of outdoor use the pebbling had worn down significantly, although the ball maintained a decent amount of grip and didn’t have any issues losing air or losing shape. This doesn’t seem to be a ball that has poor durability, but it certainly doesn’t feel like one that has superior durability, either.


Perhaps the biggest problem with Chance basketballs is their premium pricing.

While it is arguable that their unique designs and different brand image can command a higher price tag, the ball itself doesn’t feel as good in the hands as the $20 Wilson NCAA Replica Game Ball. Given that, I don’t think this ball is a good choice for those just looking for a basketball to practice and play with.

On the other hand, if you’re looking for a thoughtful gift for a  friend who already owns a bunch of basketballs, the Chance basketball might be a nice and awesome-looking addition to their collection, even if it doesn’t get played that much.

Sizing Availability

Chance Premium basketballs are available in sizes 5 (youth) through to 7 (full-size). Learn more about choosing the right ball size for the player here.


Overall, the Chance basketball is a nice looking ball that stands out from the crowd and offers something that isn’t limited to the boring orange rock we’re used to seeing. At the same time, if we judge it solely based on its qualities as a basketball, it doesn’t play quite as well as big-brand offerings–while costing more. As a result, if you really take a liking to one of their designs, you won’t be disappointed, but otherwise another ball might be a better bet.

Rating: 3/5

The Chance Premium Composite Leather Basketball is ranked 7th in our list of the best outdoor basketballs.

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Written by Max Kesler

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