Are You Suited To Dunking? Check Your Wingspan

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Basketball is an incredibly picky sport. Unlike Soccer, Baseball and to a lesser extent Football, the vast majority of us would never become pro based on our stats alone, unless we had something really, really exceptional going for us.

Of those measurements, the most obvious is height. You also become conscious of your hand size as I did while learning to dunk, as controlling the ball becomes an additional challenge. But wingspan is something you might not have really considered before.

The average man has a wingspan 2.1 inches longer than his height, while the average NBA player’s wingspan exceeds their barefoot height by over 4.5 inches. That’s a pretty significant figure that suggests NBA players aren’t just absurdly tall, but tend to have a unique body-type.


small wingspan
Henry Cavill – Short arms
Long wingspan
Rajon Rondo – Long arms

So, how do you fare? I measured my wingspan to be around 6’35” which is above average considering I stand just below 6’1″. That is not to say I’m a dunking natural, far from it, but I guess it puts me in the ‘safe-zone.’

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