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We’ve tested over 20 popular basketballs and ranked them based on their handling, bounce, durability, and more. Find out which ones performed best.

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How To Shoot A Basketball (Comprehensive Guide)

Shooting is an incredibly important aspect of Basketball. There are plenty of fancy ways of scoring points–be it hook shots, layups or dunks. But practicing the basic jump shot should be the first type of shot you focus on. This gives you the ability to score from anywhere on the court and make free throws. …

HOOPSBEAST Presents: The Ultimate Jump Guide

Looking to massively increase your vertical jump? You’ve come to the right place. Even though a jump is a very quick and natural movement, training it isn’t simple. It’s not something that gets better through repetition. Jumping is the single most explosive movement a human being can perform.  Explosiveness is a hot topic in athletics….

Vert Shock REVIEW: 8-Weeks With Adam Folker’s Program (2020 UPDATE)

Out of all the vertical jump programs out there, Vert Shock is by far the most talked about. Its creator, founder and CEO of Thincpro, Adam Folker, makes the bold claim that it will increase your vertical by 9-15 inches. You just need to give it 8 weeks of your time. Let’s take a step…